Expo Line to Santa Monica | Where Do I Park?

Posted by Simon Caballero on

Couple rides URB-E on beach in Santa Monica California

Expo Line: A Metro to the Sea

The extension of the LA Metro Expo Line is opening this Friday, May 20th, meaning Angelenos will finally be able to ride Metro all the way from Downtown LA to the beach. The new portion of the line will the first LA Metro station to reach Santa Monica in over 60 years, which has left residents and commuters along the route awaiting its opening with cautious optimism. The optimistic: a new, efficient way to commute on LA’s Westside, an area notorious for stifling traffic all hours of the day. Metro has even made an exception to allow surfboards on trains to keep beachgoers off the roads. The cautious: Parking. It’s no secret that LA is a auto-focused culture, and most of the city’s Metro lines are equipped with ample garage space for park-and-riders who live too far away to walk. Of the new Expo Line stations, however, four have no dedicated Metro parking, and the remaining three have only 544 spaces between them. Add to that the fact that these spaces will be some of the only LA Metro spots to require payment--sold-out monthly passes cost $2/day, and parking without a pass can be up to $20/day--and Westsiders are left wondering if the new line will end up being the convenient, cost effective option they’ve hoped for. URB-E scooters beat traffic on the Santa Monica Pier in California

Go Car-Free for the Last Mile

Making parking unattractive and expensive, however, is all part of Metro’s plan. The city wants to encourage riders–especially riders who hop in their cars without a second thought–to get creative about how they get that last mile to the train station. For those would-be train riders, URB-E has your solution. We know walking a mile or more is a lot to ask on a daily basis. Metro has installed bike racks and lockers at new stations, but that doesn’t quite solve the problem of extra distances on either end of a commute. Compact, lightweight, and foldable, URB-E is designed to be easy to take on public transportation. Riders can get to and from Metro stops as quickly as they would on a bike, then bring their vehicle on the train while taking up virtually no extra space. Plus, as a fully electric vehicle made in the USA, URB-E fits perfectly into the vision of sustainable commuting. Learn more about the extension of the Expo Line at My News LA and The Los Angeles Times. Questions about how URB-E can transform your commute? Call us at or email support@urb-e.com.