Eddy Mobile Power Source for URB-E Sport

Posted by Simon Caballero on

Meet Eddy™! Eddy is the patent pending removable power source that comes standard with every URB-E Sport and URB-E Sport GT foldable electric vehicle, making URB-E Sport the first ever vehicles line with a removable battery capable of charging other devices. Eddy opens up a world of possibilities not tied to where one can find power. And with URB-E Sport shipping this month, we're excited for hundreds and hundreds of people who pre-ordered to receive their Eddy and URB-E Sport! Built using ultra efficient Panasonic lithium ion cells, Eddy is the world’s most advanced portable battery. With four USB 2.0 and a USB Type C ports, Eddy easily detaches from URB-E Sport to charge multiple devices at once, meaning you will never lose power to your USB devices. And the amount of power? Eddy has enough energy to charge an iPhone 7 over 40 times. But with great power comes great responsibility. We are serious about our batteries, and Eddy is a testament to this. Encased in multiple layers of active and passive safety features, Eddy is not only Sven Etzelsberger approved, it is officially UN certified, and has even been further certified for several international standards above and beyond UN38.3, such as UL1642, IEEE 1725, IEC 62133, JIS C 8712, JIS C 8714. Eddy comes standard with a LCD battery gauge, making it easy to see the amount of power left in an exact percentage amount. Thanks to a built in leather carrying strap, taking Eddy with you is easy. ANY USB device can be charged, up to 60 watts. Like Nintendo Switch. And Samsung’s Galaxy S8. The new Macbook Pro and iPhone lines. This Black and Decker drill. Any of these monitors. Or even this Blender. And coming soon, Eddy will have an adapter that enables it to power an additional two 110-volt devices, up to 150 watts. Now THAT'S portable power at your fingertips. Paying homage to Thomas Edison, Eddy power source is the ultimate solution to portable power. Where will you take your URB-E Sport and Eddy? Purchase URB-E Sport or URB-E Sport GT to today to find out... ... and if you missed it, check out CNET's review of URB-E Sport here! Eddy Power Supply