Drive Less, Shop More With URB-E and Whole Foods

Posted by Simon Caballero on

Everyone here at URB-E loves to eat, as evidenced by our four burner grill out back of our office, and monthly barbecues. With this love of food comes of course a need to cook it; but to cook means to get ingredients and to get ingredients means more time to wait before we can eat. Fortunately we work at URB-E, home of the worlds most compact foldable electric vehicle, and a quick shopping trip down the street to our friends at Whole Foods has never been easier. img_3333 We've made so many appearances there, that in fact this past week we partnered with Whole Foods online and in-store. First, running a social media marketing campaign with them, followed by our in-store activation kiosk, bringing sustainable transportation to their customers

When Whole Foods saw the environmentally sustainable and economically sound solution we were bringing to the everyday chore of shopping, they knew that our product was the perfect fit for them, and their customers.

With its easily attachable basket that can hold up to 25 pounds of groceries, shopping has never been quicker or more fun.

4n8a6351-jpg And of course no mention of the URB-E and shopping would be complete without talking about our front kickstand. With it the URB-E goes from electric scooter to shopping cart, all in a split second. Once you've got your basket all loaded up and paid for, just ride on out, no need to remember to bring a bag. No carrying bags for a whole Metro ride home either! the-ultimate-romantic-picnic-basket locally-made-organic So what are you waiting for?! See how URB-E can revolutionize your breakfast, lunch, and dinner today!