Best Places to Eat in URB-E Range from USC’s Campus

Posted by Simon Caballero on

Owning an URB-E is not only helpful as a means of getting to class or work for USC students, it also allows us to explore the surrounding area of Los Angeles.  Although we have great academics, sports, and campus life, one thing USC is not necessarily known for is its subpar dining hall food. Sometimes, a good meal from a restaurant or eatery is just what we need, but lack of transportation makes it difficult to access some quality food.  However, URB-Es provide just the solution: a quick trip on your vehicle can get you some of the city’s best eats. Here are some of the best places to eat in URB-E range from USC’s campus... Trio House - URB-E

Trio House

(0.4 miles from USC Village, 2 minute URB-E ride) Pad Thai lovers be warned: this will be your next favorite spot to eat.  Trio House is just on the other side of campus from the USC Village down Figueroa.  Come here for some of the best Pad Thai in the USC area, I promise you will not be disappointed.  If you’re not into the peanut-flavored noodles, there’s plenty of other Asian delicacies like fried rice, pho, stir fries, curries, and more.     Katsuya


(2 miles from USC Village, 14 minute URB-E ride) Some of the greatest, and most upscale, Japanese food in the city, Katsuya’s LA Live location is in perfect URB-E distance of USC’s campus.  Just ride straight down Figueroa and you’ll reach this hub of music, entertainment, and dining in only a few minutes. If you can handle a little heat, make sure you get their signature crispy rice with spicy tuna, and don’t miss out on the crispy brussels sprouts.     Cleo


(2 miles from USC Village, 14 minute URB-E ride) Also in LA Live, this Mediterranean “tapas-style” restaurant is great for sharing small plates with a group of friends.  If you like Israeli and other Middle Eastern dishes, you should definitely check out this place. One menu highlight is the crispy artichoke hummus which comes with a fresh-out-of-the-oven, warm pita bread.  The sharing atmosphere and great food makes it a fun restaurant to come to with a group of people, especially for birthdays!     Nature's Brew

Nature’s Brew

(0.8 miles from USC Village, 6 minute URB-E ride) Nature’s Brew is a local coffee shop and popular study spot a few blocks away from campus on South Union Ave.  It’s open all day and offers a wide variety of foods and treats like smoothies, sandwiches, salads, cookies, and pastries.  Of course, their drinks are definitely a must, so stay for a while, have a warm cup of tea or coffee, and maybe get some work done too.     Everytable


(0.9 mile from USC Village, 6 minute URB-E ride) Everytable serves affordable, made-from-scratch food in an effort to solve the issue of food deserts around the country.  They have delicious salads and hot plates all just around $5--a pretty impressive price for the quality of the food. Located on West 23rd street just past Nature’s Brew, Everytable is a quick URB-E away and a great way to support a good-intentioned business.   Good food is only a few minutes away when you take your URB-E!  Explore the surrounding area and make the great city of Los Angeles a little smaller with your foldable, electric transportation device.