Beat Dodgers Traffic With URB-E

Posted by Simon Caballero on

Since its inception, URB-E has been a Southern California company to its core. Created by Grant Delgatty, already a SoCal legend from his work at Vans and ArtCenter, and made by hand in Pasadena; every single part of URB-E stems from a love of our hometown. It goes without saying then, that we adore the Rams, Lakers, Clippers, and of course the current MLB championship contenders, the Los Angeles Dodgers. img_3361

There are few things better in this world than an afternoon at Dodger's Stadium. The smell of fresh cut grass; a hot ball park frank in your hand; the crack of pine against leather and the roar of the crowd. All of it adds up to a sublime experience that is not soon forgotten. However, every Dodgers fan will tell you that with this pleasure, comes a pain; massive lines waiting for the shuttle, and the hours of standstill traffic when leaving the park. Fortunately, we here at URB-E have made the perfect solution for avoiding the dreaded post game crawl.


With our partners at the Los Angeles Metro having two direct routes straight to Dodger's Stadium; avoiding game day traffic has never been easier than with URB-E. Weighing in at only 35 pounds, the lightest foldable electric vehicle in the world, URB-E can be taken to, on, and off the Metro with no effort at all. And once the game is over, no more sitting for hours in the car, inching to the parking lot exit; just ride right to the metro and beat the rush. The URB-E lets you spend less time sitting in the car, and more time rooting for the team you love.

So don't spend another minute sitting in traffic, let URB-E take you out to the ball game!