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Urb-E-122 (1)
The URB-E Basket is the perfect companion to a new fully-electric URB-E Scooter, so for August we're excited to offer a free basket to you if you buy an URB-E with coupon code "AUGUSTDEAL"!
Receive a basket FOR FREE using discount code "AUGUSTDEAL". All you have to do is copy "AUGUSTDEAL" and paste or enter the code at checkout: while it will read as a savings of "$.01," we promise we'll include your basket in this order completely free of charge.

No need to add the basket to your order, we'll do that for you! And FREE SHIPPING!

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The URB-E  was designed, built, and is shipped from Pasadena, California. Created as a solution to the "last-mile" problem that people face when they need to get from a bus or train to their work or home, our customers have show us that the uses for an URB-E are limitless! With a 20 mile range, the URB-E can completely change an owner's habits, as it opens up a whole new world to explore by getting you where you need to go while saving you on time, money, and stress.  

The cargo basket is a great accessory for the URB-E that allows you to fold the URB-E down and use it as a shopping cart, carry books or computers, or even provide a spot for your dog to hang out while you cruise around town! The URB-E is the electric transport of your dreams. And for August 2016, we are giving you the opportunity to get a FREE URB-E  Basket with the purchase of a new URB-E by just entering "AUGUSTDEAL" at checkout!

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