Ask the Pros:  How Do You Use Your URB-E?

Posted by Simon Caballero on

The members of our URB-E team don’t just create, sell, and take care of our vehicles -- they use them as well.  Here’s a look at why our employees love their foldable, electric devices:

Chan, Sales Associate

“After owning my URB-E for nearly 10 months now, the absolute best part for me is the time savings. Although a 3 mile ride on an URB-E may take several minutes longer than it would by vehicle, I'm indirectly giving myself more of that much needed time outside with the sun in my face and wind through my hair. I ALWAYS have a parking spot and NEVER have to pay for it. With the Cargo Basket attachment, backpack, or gym bag I'm 'in and out' of the market, post office or cafe and with limited carrying capacity, I can't over spend :). Taking the Metro Light Rails here in Los Angeles, I can slide right onto a Line with the URB-E folded up and take up as much space as I would if I was just standing there without it.” Simon URB-E

Simon, Sales Associate

“I grew up moving a lot along with my family, from different cities (Queens, NYC; Madrid; WPB, FL; Buenos Aires) to different countries (Paraguay, Spain, Argentina, United States). One thing I’ve noticed is that even though the world might seem small now with international travel being so accessible, there are still a ton of things to discover right around the corner, within my own town. So, I make it a point to go out and explore the streets and local attractions, finding out what’s happening each week and so on and my Urb-E is the perfect way to do this.  The reason why I'm a fan of using URB-E on a day to day basis is because it's so practical at getting me around town, saving me from needing to rely on a car and its expenses. I commute 2 miles each way to work and use the basket to shop at my local Trader Joe's.”  

Grant, Creator

Grant URB-E “When I created the first URB-E prototype more than 6 years ago, little did I know the impact it would have in not only so many of our customer’s lives, but in my life as well.  I drive a Fiat 500 Abarth, which as some of you may know, is a fun and very compact vehicle. I am often needing to drive my three children around from place to place, so even though the back seat is very tiny, I still need to utilize it.  That said, the thing I love about my URB-E Sport GT, is the fact that I can have the back seats up, and still fit the URB-E in the very small trunk space! Where this comes in handy is, in addition to overseeing design for URB-E, I also teach a product design class at USC.  The parking structure where I park my car is about a 15-20 min walk from my classroom. As much as I am all for a lovely stroll down Trousdale Parkway, having the URB-E with me at all times, allows me to get to class within less than 5 min, and makes it so that I’m not late for class!”