All Roads Lead to URB-E Success at SEMA 2015

Posted by Simon Caballero on

  Blue URB-E with West Coast Customs at SEMA 2015 01 The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA), a worldwide automotive trade event, took place in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada from November 2 to 6, and URB-E was there in full force showing off the unique electric scooters to approximately one million automotive aficionados and attendees. The exposure also served to attract potential partners interested in joining the URB-E movement. Collaborating with West Coast Customs, the founders and members of the URB-E Team including Tom, Grant, Sven, and Sean were on hand to make introductions, field questions, and offer test drives. Not only were the custom URB-Es displayed on stage at the West Coast Customs booth, but WCC team members used the URB-Es throughout the event to quickly get from one end of the complex to the other in order to save time and resources. URB-Es were fully decked out with all their accessories including rear baskets, cup holders, LED headlights, cell phone holders, and mini iPad holders. Blue URB-E with West Coast Customs at SEMA 2015 02 Despite the popularity of the nearby hover board display, the URB-E stage attracted many attendees who were eager to learn about the foldable scooters and even more eager to take test drives. And although the beautiful weather was interrupted with some unexpected desert rain late in the afternoon on Wednesday, that did not deter people from lining up to take a spin on a scooter, and only served to make the test drives more interesting. Several sales were made on the spot and a great deal of interest remains. The automotive crowd could immediately see and appreciate the quality of the URB-E’s design, engineering, and materials. After taking the URB-E for a spin, many test drivers shared their impressions by emphasizing its ease of use and smooth ride. Many were also impressed by the vehicle’s portability and compact size. And there was much excitement regarding the customization of the URB-Es with different frames and insert sleeve colors. Out of all the accessories, the rear cargo basket and phone holder received the most interest. Keep your eyes open for URB-E’s next adventure! URB-E with monster truck at SEMA 2015