7 Reasons Why URB-E is Perfect for LA Commuters

Posted by Simon Caballero on

1. URB-E beats LA traffic.

URB-E foldable electric scooters commuting in pasadena, california On bad days, driving a mile through Los Angeles can take almost as long as walking. You know how it feels to be in line for a stop sign for minutes on end or to be the last car that doesn’t get through the green light. On URB-E, the bike lane is your open highway. Zip past cars as you please, or ride on the sidewalk in areas where it’s allowed. You’ll be amazed by how URB-E shaves minutes off your commute. Don’t let traffic hold you back!

2. Parking in LA is a huge pain.

urb-e foldable electric scooters in the trunk of a car Ok, you’ve finally arrived in your car. But the lot is full. Ten minutes later, and you’re still circling. Maybe you give in and cough up $20 for valet, maybe you show up late to work, maybe you shell out hundreds of dollars for a monthly parking space. Either way, you’ve wasted time and money looking for somewhere to store your car. URB-E weighs just 35 libs and folds to the size of a golf bag, so storage is never a problem. Stick it under your desk, in a closet, or lock it to a regular bike rack and walk into work on time with a full wallet.

3. URB-E is made right here!

URB-E foldable electric scooters Assembly made in america URB-E was designed by an instructor at Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design, and it continues to be manufactured, assembled, and sold right here in Southern California. We’re an LA business through and through–you can even visit our shop and showroom in Pasadena to watch us build URB-Es by hand. That means that by buying URB-E, you’re supporting local startups, Los Angeles design, AND California manufacturing. What better way to show your Angeleno pride?

4. The weather is nice, get outside!

Couple rides URB-E on beach in Santa Monica California In a city with 292 days of sunshine per year, it’s a shame to waste time cooped up in a car. With URB-E, you’ll feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face without sacrificing the ability to get around efficiently. URB-E is fully electric, so you’ll also be keeping the skies blue by commuting sustainably. And on the rare day it does rain? Toss URB-E in the trunk of an Uber and stay dry until the sun comes out tomorrow.

5. LA Metro is getting better and better.

URB-E foldable electric scooters metro gold line pasadena ca 91106 Los Angeles is in the middle of a Metro renaissance. The extension of the Gold Line to Azusa and the Expo Line to Santa Monica has already begun to alleviate traffic and provide eco-friendly options for getting across town. In the next few years Metro plans to improve LA’s interconnectivity even more with light rail extension and bus networks. In a city known for its reliance on cars, public transit is quickly becoming an easy and practical option. URB-E is the perfect vehicle to help your transition to LA Metro; it gets you to and from train stations efficiently, then folds up and comes on the train with you. No need to look for parking or to drag a bulky bike onto the Metro. Plus, bringing URB-E with you means you can get around easily once you get off of your stop. LA Metro says URB-E is the best existing last mile solution, so if you’ve been thinking about taking the Metro plunge, URB-E can take you there!

6. URB-E gives you options

urb-e foldable electric scooters pasadena california los angeles 91106 Because URB-E is so light and compact, it fits in with all your plans. There are so many ways to use URB-E beyond taking public transportation; the possibilities are endless! Trying to carpool? Throw URB-E in the trunk so you can get around when you arrive. Need to run a quick errand during the workday? Ride URB-E and be back before your boss notices you’re missing. Have an extra drink at happy hour? Toss your URB-E into an Uber and ride home safely. No more trying to stuff a bike into the backseat or leaving early because your parking is about to expire–URB-E opens up possibilities so you can live life on your schedule.

7. Customize URB-E to fit your lifestyle.

urb-e foldable electric scooters with basket customized inserts A basket for groceries, a RAM mount for your cell phone, inserts in your favorite color. URB-E is a platform to make your life easier and showcase your personality. You can start with the custom-made accessories on our site or design your own unique URB-E hacks, and you can check out our shop to pick an URB-E to make your commute better today! Questions about riding URB-E in LA? Call us at or email support@urban626.com. You can visit our retail showroom at 54 W Green St. in Pasadena on Monday-Friday 9am-7pm and Saturday 11am-9pm.