40 Extra Days Each Year: URB-E Trip Report by Jonathan Ruiz

Posted by Simon Caballero on

“40 Extra Days Each Year” – URB-E Trip Report by Jonathan Ruiz Waking up at 5am was my daily routine. Why? I needed to get to the metro before parking filled up. The Metro is by far the fastest way to get into Los Angeles. Traffic is insane starting at 5am through late morning. The only way to avoid hours in your car is to take the Metro. Fortunately, the Metro in Los Angeles goes everywhere… however, most people (like myself) live just too far to walk to it. So we’re forced to drive to the closest stop. Up at 5am, I knew if I wasn’t at the metro station by just after 6am, I wouldn’t get a parking spot, and it would be a 90 minute drive to work. Work didn’t start until 9am… but still, an hour and half in the car, plus paying for gas and parking, was something I wanted to avoid. 25 minutes on the metro each way for $3.25/roundtrip is much more efficient than 90 minutes in the car at $9/day (parking + gas). But that meant getting to the metro by 6am. And finding my favorite café to hang out in for over an hour before the office opened. URB-E changed my life. Now instead of waking up at 5am to drive to the metro, or spending 90 minutes in a car each way, I can wake up at 7am, URB-E to the metro, and get to work in 25 minutes. I’m saving money, I'm saving time, and I’m getting more sleep. In fact, with 2 hours of extra sleep a day, working just 5 days/week for 50 weeks of the year, I’m getting an extra 20+ days of sleep in each year. I’m also saving time. Almost an hour each way – so I’m also getting 20+ days of extra time in each year instead of commuting. Those are BIG numbers and they have had an extremely positive impact on my life. In fact, I always have time for the gym now, and I’m well rested even after long workouts. And for those wondering, I prefer URB-E Sport GT, as it's light and compact, and is easy to bring on the subway/metro. Do the math – URB-E should be able to save you time, money, and prevent headaches on your commute. Have questions about how URB-E can save you time? I'd love to help! Email me at jonathan@urban626.com!