3 Ways To Get Your Parents To Buy You An URB-E

Posted by Simon Caballero on

USC URB-E Abbey Road The holidays are almost here! This is the perfect time to ask your parents for an URB-E, and here’s how to do it... Because let’s call it like it is, if you’re not riding an URB-E at USC you’re missing out! Students and faculty at USC on average save 45 min to 1.5 hours riding to class rather than walking. Check this out, we timed the longest routes around campus and found you can get anywhere on campus in 3 minutes or less!

How fast can you get across campus?!

  • USC Village to Parkside — 01:48
  • School of Cinematic Arts to Marshall — 02:09
  • Leavey Library to Viterbi — 02:19
  • McCarthy Quad to the Coliseum — 02:28
  • Greek Row to Tutor Campus Center — 03:00
We’ve also had students tell us on many occasions the following: “I get an extra hour of sleep each day by using my URB-E to go home and take a nap between class. I couldn’t do that without it.” “I love using the URB-E. It was way faster and easier than walking or skateboarding, especially in the 100 degree heat. It saved me a lot of time going to my classes and it was easy to fold up and carry inside. It's also really fun to ride...”

3 ways to get your parents to buy you an URB-E

So, here’s the 3 ways you pitch it to your parents:
  1. By saving over an hour EACH DAY with an URB-E, you will have more time to study, more time for exploring your city, more time to start that business you’ve been dreaming up…
  2. Student parking costs thousands of dollars! Not to mention the amount spent on gas, parking, registration, etc… why waste money on having a car you don’t want to use in LA traffic and get something that can actually get you around campus and LA quickly?
  3. The URB-E is built to last. URB-E is designed and built in Pasadena California by hand out of carbon fiber and aircraft aluminum. Engineered by a former Lead Porsche Engineer, URB-E is the highest quality foldable electric vehicle in existence. Super lightweight. Super portable. Super powerful. You’re going to be using this to get to your first job in the city after you graduate!

Parents not sold yet? Have no fear...

Here’s the kicker... You can finance the URB-E through the USC Credit Union with zero credit history at an amazing rate. That means you build credit as a student so Mom and Dad won’t have to co-sign on your first apartment or car after graduating! Yay independance! Yay being an adult! So please hit REPLY and tell us which URB-E model you’re interested in getting this holiday season! Maybe our Officially Licensed USC URB-E???… it’s incredible. USC URB-E Pro GT We have amazing, special discounts for USC Students, Faculty/Staff and Alumni… so make sure to ask for those! Olivia P.S. Just FYI, you can also find a quick testimonials video here from students at USC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHCOn_gWhko