10 Worst Cities for Driving a Car in the U.S.

Posted by Simon Caballero on

You’ve heard us talk about how riding URB-E can solve your parking woes, but have you thought about how much of a hassle driving and parking every day really is? Well, we did a little research and came across a study by WalletHub that ranks the 10 worst cities for driving a car in the U.S. The study looked at the 100 most populated cities in the U.S. and compared them in four areas: costs, traffic and road conditions, safety (including accident and theft rates), and driver and car wellness (including repairs and upkeep). What they came up with was kind of a bummer–driving in major cities is a total pain! In case you need more encouragement to ditch the car for an URB-E, let us present you with the 10 worst U.S. cities for driving a car.

10) Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, ranked #10 in the 10 worst cities for driving a car LA is already infamous for its horrendous traffic, but did you know it also has the highest gas prices of any U.S. city? Add that to expensive parking and you’ve got a recipe for car misery. The good news is that LA is rapidly expanding its Metro system, and Los Angeles urban neighborhoods are getting more and more walkable. Sounds like a perfect time to start using URB-E, especially since the weather’s nice enough to ride year round!

9) Baltimore, MD

Baltimore neighborhood car traffic Baltimore tops the list for traffic safety issues, but luckily URB-E can ride on the sidewalk or the bike line, out of the way of reckless drivers. Plus, URB-E comes inside with you and stores safely in a closet or under your desk.

8) Chicago, IL

Chicago traffic jam Chicago is one of the most expensive cities for parking and auto maintenance, ranking as one of the 10 worst cities for driving a car, but its public transit system makes navigating downtown much easier. Bring an URB-E to connect you to the transportation hubs you need in the Windy City.

7) Boston, MA

Boston evening traffic jam Boston has the highest accident likelihood of any US city and the fewest number of auto maintenance locations per capita. Yeah, this sounds as frustrating to us as it does to you. It apparently frustrates Bostonians, too, since a third of them already commute via public transportation. For Bostonians who still need help ditching the car, URB-E’s got your back.

6) Newark, NJ

NJ Turnpike traffic signs New Jersey has some of the worst traffic and road conditions in the country. Long delays and extra hours in traffic? Nah, we’d rather URB-E.

5) Detroit, MI

Detroit riverfront If you can’t imagine ditching your car in the city that invented America’s auto industry, think about this: URB-E extends the radius of short trips without you having to re-park. Hello easier, faster errands!

4) San Francisco, CA

Golden Gate Bridge traffic Driving in San Francisco is expensive! Gas, parking, and time wasted circling around narrow streets definitely starts to add up. With URB-E, however, SF’s hills are a breeze. Plus, you’ll definitely get jealous stares from all the techies.

3) Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia I76 traffic Apparently Philly has one of the fewest numbers of car washes per capita. You know what’s easy to clean at home? An URB-E.

2) Washington, DC

Washington DC Capitol evening traffic DC traffic is a total pain, and car maintenance shops are few and far between. But, hey, what better way to explore our nation’s capital than on a 100% Made-in-America URB-E? DC ranks at #2 of the 10 worst cities for driving a car, but one of the best for owning an URB-E.

1) New York, NY ranked #1 in the U.S. 10 worst cities for driving a car

New York City, ranked #1 in the 10 worst cities for driving a car With sky-high parking costs and legendary traffic, it’s no surprise NYC tops this list of the 10 worst cities for driving a car. The good news is that New York is perfect for a vehicle as compact and versatile as URB-E. URB-E makes getting to and from home, work and the subway a piece of cake. And, yeah, it will still fit in that taxi when you get lazy.